My name is Thomas Cantley and I am Ballsy

You may have seen me on The Doctors, or read about me in Cosmopolitan Magazine, or maybe you’ve read my comic book, but I’m a stage III Testicular Cancer Survivor, also known as Mr. Ballsy, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping others find their inner ‘ballsy’ too. I educate men of all ages (and their family’s) to be more proactive about their mental and physical health and in all aspects of life. I also talk to all people touched by cancer – motivating them, inspiring them, and addressing issues other people aren’t talking about.

Cancer saved my life because it forced me to wake up, to love myself, value my life, and find my utmost potential

I use the mistakes I’ve made in my life (like ignoring pain and pretending the large grapefruit growth in my ball didn’t exist) to help people go through challenges in their life and to inspire them to achieve greatness.  Day or night, any day of the week, I’m the person that these people can call. And, as much as possible I like to spread the word in a big way which means I do speaking engagements and television/video/podcast/magazine appearances (Check out my media here).

How did I get here? I pushed a giant testicle across two countries to raise awareness for cancer

Everything leading up to my ball push (my diagnosis) didn’t feel real. It wasn’t until I traveled across two countries spreading word about men’s health through the help of strangers, meeting other survivors of all stages (some no longer with us), and going through that journey did I deal with cancer. And, it wasn’t even until I had my son that it actually sunk in.

I take negatives and turn them into positives. I remind people that yes you’re going to grieve but cancer doesn’t define you, it’s just an obstacle in your life

I’ve always wanted to tell the story of my journey but a book never felt right because I wanted to reach people of all ages (especially young guys) and I wanted something that matched my gritty style. That’s why I created the first-of-it’s-kind, cancer surviving super hero comic book. Not only that, I teamed up with a bada$$ comic artist and an LA Publisher to make sure my comic book was pretty good (more on that here).

And when all else fails, I remind myself to ‘be ballsy about my life because it’s the only one I got’